Everything you need to sell more with your onlinestore.

The key to selling more is email marketing. AutomateThis is the agency for ecommerce marketing automation, raising your average shopping cart and the sales frequency per customer.

We Make Email Marketing

A Piece Of Cake 🍰

4 Reasons

Why you will succeed with us

1. Individual Strategy & Action Plan

After your status quo has been audited and you have defined your priorities and goals with us, we develop your own marketing automation and sales strategy. Based on experience, your business goals and your customers in the center.

2. Lead Generation for your Business

Potential leads are ready to give you their email address. We'll get hands-on and do and test for you until we know to what your target audience responds to. Through continuous optimization and improvement we build your email list.

3. Increase your sales

The more often people connect with you and your brand, the easier it is for them to buy. Through email funnels, tutorials, quizzes and engagement campaigns, we build trust with your leads and get them to buy.

4. Increase sales frequency

The first purchase is good, all further purchases are better. Through resale, evergreen and other campaigns we increase the average number of times a person buys from you. This is the easiest and most lucrative way to increase your profit.







What Our Clients Say


Alex and his team are very competent and super personable. Since we've been working with AutomateThis, we've finally been able to realize the full potential of Mautic's marketing automation and have established much more targeted communication with our customers.

Robert Klüsener feuerwear.de


Thanks to Alex and Natalia's team, we have a great marketing automation tool in Mautic. They are always there for us when we need a new campaign, or when a campaign doesn't go as planned. We can count on you.

Arne Preuß coffeeness.de


AutomateThis has inspired and helped us to make our marketing activities much broader and more comprehensive, and to use many channels that we had previously ignored or not used professionally enough. Above all, they helped us to create and execute professional email marketing and introduced us to the use of Mautic. Thank you very much for the great cooperation!

Barbara van Melle krusteundkrume.at

This is how a cooperation with us looks like

  • 01 - Strategy

  • 02 - Realization

  • 03 - Success

  • 04 - Optimization

We get to know each other, see what your goals and needs are and if we can do something for you. Then we develop the roadmap for your marketing automation to achieve your goals.

1) Automation Strategy (Marketing Automation Blueprint)

What are you waiting for? Let's increase your sales!

Services from AutomateThis that will increase your online store sales

As a marketing automation agency, we specialize in generating leads and increasing online sales. With everything that comes with it:

The Test Balloon (Test-funnel)

A first marketing automation campaign with lead generation, nurturing sequence and call-to-actions. This way you can see for yourself that it works for your store, too.

Newsletter Service

A newsletter needs one thing above all: to be written. We'll do it for you if you just can't get around to it. Our copywriters write in exactly the style you want.

Lead & Sales Generator

Within a year, we develop the 8 most important funnels for your entire business year. From New Year, to Mother's Day, to Black-Friday and Christmas. Everything together, everything coordinated. So that your customers and contacts are not overwhelmed with emails, like to open and buy again and again.

Online store creation and optimization

Create new stores, renew old stores or optimize and revive stores that have fallen asleep. We have seen them all and help you to turn the right screws.

Mautic Consulting | Help

We live Mautic. One-on-one consulting, troubleshooting and fixing, automations and campaigns of all kinds. The nerds in us won't rest until we have solved your problems with and around Mautic.

Further Automation Services

Everything that can be automated is fun and sometimes even makes sense. We help you to assess whether an investment in automation is worthwhile and are happy to implement it for you. Full-code, low-code or no-code: Let's talk and we'll find what suits you.

What they say about us

I have been working with Alex, Natalia and their team for a few months now (Am an SEO consulting company). They have helped me a lot in automating my processes and finding ways to increase my sales. The quick and focused revisions to my marketing messaging and funnels I've gotten from them are real permanent fixes. Thank you both. You guys are the best!


Philipp Stelzel SEO

The teamwork was very constructive, we always had great workarounds and the project was completed on time. With their extremely likeable demeanor and humor, I also enjoyed the project very much. Many thanks Alex & Natalia


Jürgen Lärche Produktmanager

With AutomateThis, as a small business, we were finally able to achieve our desired inbound marketing strategy - Alex and Natalia have a very customer-centric knowledge and the service was super educational and very successful for us - the Best service experience we have had in our company history - we are very satisfied.


Jörg Müller CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of marketing are you doing?

We specialize in email marketing for online stores.

Which services can I take advantage of?

You can choose from the offer in our services and price list. We are open to all your suggestions and requests. If you need something very special, just talk to us and contact us.

Are you only building the basic structure?

We build the basic structure of all funnels and campaigns, the reports, the links, landing pages, popups, forms and if needed or requested, the texts, graphics and images.

Do you produce content as well?

Yes, we also produce content such as texts, images, graphics, landing pages, emails and templates

Can I get money back if I am not satisfied?

Fortunately, so far we have not had this problem. We will do everything we can to make you a satisfied customer too. Our packages are always designed in such a way that you can decide at any time whether you want to continue or just let your automation work for a while.

What happens if you don't get results?

Then we have defined our goals incorrectly and have to readjust. We do not rest until we have reached our goal.

Which services are right for me?

It depends on how quickly you want to see results. The fastest way is with the Lead & Sales Generator, because then we can schedule the most working hours for your project. Let's discuss your optimal plan in a short conversation.

Do I need a newsletter?

No. But we know that a good newsletter will drive your sales up on a regular basis.

How much can you increase my sales?

That's hard to say and is highly dependent on existing brand loyalty and lead quality. The two KPI's we increase and mainly focus on are the average shopping cart and the sales frequency. If we increase these two numbers, we are on the right track.

What if I don't want any more?

Then we end the cooperation together. If someone wants to leave, you should not stand in the way. If it doesn't fit at all anymore, we terminate our contract by mutual agreement.

How much do your services cost?

You can find all prices updated daily in our price list

Do you have special offers for start-ups?

Yes. It's best to discuss this together.

What kind of agency is AutomateThis?

We are a marketing automation agency. Specialized in email marketing for online stores.

Is AutomateThis right for me?

The best way to find out is to talk to each other. If we are sympathetic to each other and we see that it fits, then it will be right :)

Do you do social media marketing as well?

No. Although we could. We even have former best-selling courses on Udemy to go with it. In 2020, we decided to stop doing everything. Since then, it's just been email marketing automation.

What software do you use for email marketing?

We prefer to use Managed Mautic Hosting by hartmut.io. But we also like to work with other platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign etc. (Although Mautic is by far better and more flexible).

Is there a testing phase?

No. But there are individual projects to try out. The test balloon is a single funnel that we design for you. This way you can see if our services achieve results and if it is worthwhile for you to work with us in the long run.

Do you have a portfolio of your work?

Yes. On our portfolio page, we have compiled the companies and websites that we work with or have worked with.

What can I expect from email marketing?

Increased sales and traffic peaks through sales and resale campaigns. Basically, through email marketing we can increase your average shopping cart and the sales frequency per customer.

How do you do lead generation?

We generate leads from the current traffic on your website/online store. Therefore we place quizzes, tutorials, coupons and other lead magnets.

For how long do I have to commit to you?

We work in individual projects for a fixed price, on an hourly basis, or in annual project packages. Let's talk and find what suits you best.

Do you give a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee that everything that comes to your acceptance will work and does what we agreed.

What payment options are available?

You can pay our agency services comfortably by bank transfer.