Lead Generation and Sales can be so easy.

We make your existing traffic to leads and leads to clients. Benefit from proven methods, automate and increase your online sales frequency per customer and average order value.

Marketing Automation Services for eCommerce

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Status: 21 Nov 2023
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included free of charge for ongoing cooperation (from 12 months contract period - see Lead & Sales Generator)

The blueprint for your marketing automation measures. With this you are ready to market your products.

We analyze the market, your niche and your target group. Together we determine which marketing channels, with which content, are suitable for you and your business, and we create the entire customer journey. From cold lead to repurchasing customer.

With the marketing blueprint, you get a clear action plan: what exactly needs to be done, how and in what order. This will increase your sales and grow your business.

Afterwards, we will be happy to support you in the implementation of the individual funnels and marketing automation measures.

Including 2,5h Marketing-Automation Workshop and a detailed flowchart for free, further use.

Lead Generation:
The Testballoon



Lead Generation Campaign. We find the ONE lead magnet that performs best and generates the most leads. To do this, we test different lead magnets over 4 weeks and create a campaign with 3 emails that warm up potential leads and prepare them for a purchase. We build all things needed, link the landing pages and websites and create forms and popups. Includes report and 4 weeks of optimization.

Automation system: Mautic

Lead & Sales Generator (ongoing collaboration)



In an ongoing collaboration, we become your marketing automation team.

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Collaboration on a monthly basis with a minimum duration of one year:

Marketing Strategy:

So we all know which direction to go, we start with:

  • Audit
  • Inventory of current marketing & sales measures
  • Blueprint
  • Marketing roadmap for the coming year

The Blueprint is made once and reviewed and adjusted on average every 6 months during ongoing collaboration. Agile action is essential, i.e. we adjust the Blueprint more or less frequently as needed.

Lead generation and email list building:

  • Sign-up forms on the website, blog and social media channels.
  • Freebies to encourage prospects to sign up for the email list.
  • Conversion optimization measures on the website
  • Email list building and segmentation
Lead generation measures are done monthly on an ongoing, step-by-step basis for all campaigns (see next point)

Lead Nurturing & Sales:

    Campaigns as per Blueprint (see listing below).Weekly newsletter (in coordination with you/you)Website conversion rate optimizationsShopping cart and checkout optimizations

Campaigns that always belong annually are:

    Happy New Year CampaignSpring / Easter CampaignSummer Splash CampaignBlack Friday CampaignChristmas Time CampaignEvergreen Warm-Up CampaignEvergreen After-Sales Campaign1 individual campaign (depending on product, industry, target group etc.)
Lead-nurturing and sales actions are done monthly on an ongoing, step-by-step basis for all campaigns

Reporting & Analysis:

    Team meetings: 1 per week to define ongoing ToDo's and discuss progress.Marketing reports: 1 per month, to understand which actions are successful

Marketing-Automation Service (ongoing collaboration)



In einer laufenden Zusammenarbeit werden wir zu deinem Marketing-Automation Team.

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Cooperation on a monthly basis with a minimum duration of three months:

We take over all work related to marketing automation with Mautic. Updates, maintenance, implementation of further measures, optimization of existing measures and reporting.

In weekly meetings, we jointly decide on the strategy and measures to be developed and provide information on the effectiveness of the existing campaigns and measures.

Newsletter Service

from 650€


One email per week to the existing email list. We interview you once a month to determine the topics and goals. Then we create your emails, take care of the sending and give you a report. Full service and finally a proper newsletter.

Landingpages for Funnels/Products

from 1000€

per page

The perfect sales page for your products. Every product is different. Many products are not presented properly. The right landing page, will sell your products. We make sure that visitors of your site become customers. And come back.

Onlineshop Creation

from 3000€

on request

We build and renovate your online store. We build and link WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Shopware, and other store systems.
Initial creation, optimization, renovation:
Product presentation, customizations, customizations (eg: product configurator), billing systems, GDPR compliant setup, billing, inventory management, accounting, marketing automation and more. We live and breathe eCommerce and are happy to help you.

Mautic/Marketing-Automation Consulting and Trainings


per hour/day

Mautic and Marketing Automation Consulting with Alex Hammerschmied.
Will be recorded on request.
We are happy to create packages with training content. Several people can participate in training and consulting (and are welcome to ask questions)

Mautic Troubleshooting/Implementation/Maintenance


per hour/day

Updates, troubleshooting, implementation or maintenance work in Mautic and on Mautic servers. This is planned and billed in tickets. We are also happy to create a lump sum offer for your ongoing needs. We do not let you look "over our shoulder", but we document and report everything we do for you and at your site.
Confidentiality agreement is a natural part of the contract.

Mautic/MJML/HTML Email Templates

from 150€

per piece

Proper email templates are the basis for communication by email.
With the template service we design and build the right template for you, which will be displayed correctly in all email programs. And on all devices and screen sizes.

Managed Mautic Hosting by hartmut.io

from 49,90€


from 49€/month or 549,90€/year exact further info: https://hartmut.io

Other server configurations and services on request

We build different server configurations - just ask us. We will make you an offer.